Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Superfluity of reason...

My mind is starting to take a wander of the map with the inordinate amounts of 'stuff' running riot around my brain, so please do excuse the following ramble!

So there are less than 3 days left until I fly due south and I am consumed by emotions, not least, stress due to packing uncertainty.  Anticipating future events for the next year in an unknown country is a tricky task, and I'm not the most competent at making decisions.

I'm gonna need a bigger bag!
I certainly travel lighter than my younger days, but I'm forever considering the 'what if's' and the 'just in case' scenarios - I get that from my mother, so I tend to pack things I'll no doubt not need.  But I can still somehow justify my reasons for packing that extra top, squeezing in one more pair of shoes, buying ANOTHER bikini, because I might wear out the other 12! because you just never know.  The truth?  Simply making myself believe there is any number of logical reasons to the extra item other than 'I want to take it!'

So what soon-to-be suitcased items will be superfluous...?  Only time will tell.

Time to stop thinking and do!

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